Rajasthan Govt In a Fix As 500 Teachers Quit Over It’s One Decision

Rajasthan Teachers Quit

Apparently, last month The government of Rajasthan made an announcement which bounced back at it. Reportedly, the announcement made by the Government regarding the equal stature of the medical officers and medical teachers provoked the teachers and hence as a result, over 500 teachers of SMS Medical College filed their resignation.

What was the case?

On the 7th march of this year, the Rajasthan Government announced to make the medical officers equivalent to medical teachers. The said news was taken as offensive and 500 teachers at Sawai Maan Singh Medical College have written their resignation. The teachers related to the case showed their concern as the announcement would open the mean of bilateral entry in the field of medical science teaching. They objected to the use of word ‘equivalent’ and said it to be misleading.

As reported by a leading newspaper, the Secretary of RMCTA, Dr. Dhananjai Agarwal told the paper that the medical officers are set to perform non-teaching duties and they are not qualified to teach the students of medical science. He further added that the Government plans to relocated the current teachers of the SMS Medical College to the 8 upcoming colleges and place the medical officers on duty to teach the students.

As per the plans of Vasundhara Raje Government, there are eight medical colleges coming up in Rajasthan in Alwar, Barmer, Bharatpur, Churu, Dungarpur, Bhilwara, Pali, and Sikar. The academic session in these colleges is expected to start from 2017-18. The major concern of Dr. Agarwal was pertaining the affiliation of the college with the Medical Council. He said that if the medical officers are made equivalent to the medical teachers and are set on the job of teaching in the SMS Medical College the Medical council would end up the affiliation.

In a press conference, he said, “If eligibility and experience of these medical officers are made ‘equivalent’ to medical teachers and seen from the perspective of MCI guidelines, then things would become very clear whether this decision is right or not. We have demanded that the government withdraw this order and if it does not then it must accept our resignations from Thursday”,

The signing off by the teachers created a ruckus in the medical college as the college is a government run hospital well where major patients come across the state to get the treatment. The entire scenario made great pressure of the resident doctors. The SMS Medical college has communicated with other colleges of the state and is soon expecting a revert from them.

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