Delhi to equip schools with disaster management system

Disaster management system in schools

For the first time ever in a state or Union Territory in India, schools will be equipped with a disaster management system. The Government of Delhi in association with Delhi Disaster Management Authority has started to start the disaster management program in as many as 5,796 private and government schools across the state. This is a very good initiative to make out schools safer and ensure that in the case of any disaster there is no damage to the students.

This initiative will be able to ensure security to as many as 44 lakh students and more than 1.4 lakhs teachers in more than 11 districts of the city. This is a very good initiative and can provide a very good way to keep students safe in the school. There are many different things which will be installed in the schools to make the building safer and disaster ready. The main focus of the government will be to make schools earthquake ready and ensure that there are proper precautions taken to keep students when there is an earthquake.

Delhiā€™s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia announced the launch of the program on the lines of the recommendations which were provided by National Disaster Management Authority. The program is one of the many steps which have been very effective in improving the educational standards of the city. There have been any different initiatives made by the government to make Delhi the best place to have an education.

The Government will provide a detailed list of instructions to architects, engineers, and contractors who are building school building to make sure that students are kept safe. There will also be an education provided to the students and teacher as to what should be done when there is any disaster.

There have also been news of Delhi extending its winter break to deal with the cold wave by which the city has been gripped. The Government has directed many schools to extend the winter breaks to protect the students from cold. A safe environment is necessary for the purpose of learning and teaching. There have been some private schools who have opposed this proposal but the government seems to be certain to keep the safety of the students as their first priority. Along with this, there have been many different initiatives taken by the government to improve the education system.

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